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To index TypeScript we use SourceGraph's LSIF indexer for TypeScript. LSIF is a new format for tools to share information about code. Releases of lsif-tsc can be installed with yarn or npm and used as indexers for LSIF, which Glean will accept. The indexer itself requires a node.js runtime.

Run the indexer

The indexer is run via the main glean CLI tool.

> cabal build exe:glean

And index your TypeScript repository with:

glean index typescript DIR --repo name/hash


  • DIR is the root directory containing the TypeScript project
  • name/hash is the name of the repository to create

Provide the usual --db-root and --schema or --service arguments to glean

To index very large TypeScript repositories, it may be necessary to use more heap memory in node.js (or break up the targets into subdirectories). Setting export NODE_OPTIONS="--max-old-space-size=8192" in the environment in which the indexer runs may help.

In the shell

TypeScript source can also be indexed directly from the Glean shell:

:index typescript DIR

The shell will pick a DB name and hash for you based on DIR.


The schema is in glean/schema/source/lsif.angle