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To index Rust we use rust-analyzer in LSIF mode. Pre-built binaries of rust-analyzer can be used as indexers that emit LSIF from Rust source.

Run the indexer

The indexer is run via the main glean CLI tool.

> cabal build exe:glean

And index your Rust repository with:

glean index rust-lsif DIR --repo name/hash


  • DIR is the root directory containing the Rust project
  • name/hash is the name of the repository to create

Provide the usual --db-root and --schema or --service arguments to glean

In the shell

Rust source can also be indexed directly from the Glean shell:

:index rust-lsif DIR

The shell will pick a DB name and hash for you based on DIR.


The schema is in glean/schema/source/lsif.angle