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Building Glean from Source


Glean is written mainly in Haskell, and makes heavy use of Thrift for data communication and serialization, so these are the main dependencies that are needed for building Glean.

You will need#

  • Linux. The build is only tested on Linux so far; we hope to add support for other OSs in the future.

  • GHC. To see which versions Glean is tested with, check the current ci.yml script.

  • Cabal/cabal-install version 3.6 or later (older versions won't work).

Additional per-distribution setup follows.


Install prerequisite packages. (many of these are dependencies of hsthrift; an up to date list can be found in the Dockerfile that we use for building the base image for CI).

sudo apt-get install \    g++ \    cmake \    bison flex \    git cmake \    libzstd-dev \    libboost-all-dev \    libevent-dev \    libdouble-conversion-dev \    libgoogle-glog-dev \    libgflags-dev \    libiberty-dev \    liblz4-dev \    liblzma-dev \    libsnappy-dev \    make \    zlib1g-dev \    binutils-dev \    libjemalloc-dev \    libssl-dev \    pkg-config \    libunwind-dev \    libsodium-dev \    curl \    libpcre3-dev \    libmysqlclient-dev \    libfftw3-dev \    librocksdb-dev \    libxxhash-dev


Install prerequisite packages:

sudo dnf install \    g++ \    make \    cmake \    binutils \    bison flex \    curl \    libzstd-devel \    boost-devel \    libevent-devel \    double-conversion-devel \    glog-devel \    gflags-devel \    zlib-devel \    openssl-devel \    libunwind-devel \    libsodium-devel \    pcre-devel \    community-mysql-devel \    fftw-devel \    rocksdb-devel \    xxhash-devel



The build process currently installs dependencies in /usr/local/lib. This isn't ideal; we're working on a more self-contained build process but it's not ready yet.

Clone the repository:

git clone glean

These are necessary so that the Glean build can find the dependencies that get installed in /usr/local/lib:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATHexport PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig

Clone hsthrift and install its dependencies:


Build everything:


If everything worked, the tests should pass:

make test

At this point you can cabal install to install the executables into ~/.cabal/bin.